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A New Era Of Bourbon

Blue Run Spirits is the bold and distinctive Kentucky Bourbon for bold and distinctive whiskey drinkers. Steeped in heritage, impeccably crafted, and aged to perfection.

Taste The Extraordinary

Even before the first hint touches your lips, you’ll know these whiskies are different and vibrant. Savor Blue Run neat, or as the foundation of your favorite cocktail.


From the sleek bottle to the last luscious drop, this is your time for luxury — with just enough edge to keep things interesting.

A New Legend In The Making

Our whiskies marry modern flavor with the same master craftsmanship shared by the greats.

Our Story

Blue Run Spirits was founded as an ideal. We wanted to create a modernized bourbon company with expressions that taste so rich and smooth that they would entice a new generation of enthusiasts, as well as satisfy the most discerning of aficionados. The banks of Kentucky’s Royal Spring — what cofounder Jesse McKnight called the “Blue Run” as a kid — with its pure, limestone-filtered water, seemed like the perfect place to start. After all, as the birthplace of bourbon in 1789, the Blue Run is steeped in more than two centuries of distilling history.




Blue Run “Reflection I” Kentucky Straight Bourbon is a small-batch whiskey and was contract distilled by Blue Run’s Liquid Advisor and Bourbon Hall of Famer Jim Rutledge. Jim distilled this batch of barrels at Castle & Key Distillery. The name “Reflection I” was chosen by two of Blue Run’s founders who faced personal challenges over the past two years, in the middle of the pandemic and while launching the company. Pulled from existing aging stocks, this approachable bourbon, at this particular proof, is what they both enjoyed during this period, allowing them to reflect on what truly matters, starting first and foremost with family.

Tasting Notes:
Bright Rainier cherries and creamy butterscotch on the nose. Fluffy pancakes and maple syrup on the front end, rosemary on the mid palate with an invigorating nutmeg finish.



Kentucky Straight High Rye Single Barrel

The Blue Run team has selected 12 different single barrels of their High Rye Bourbon, which was contract distilled at Castle & Key Distillery. Each barrel, which featured a #4 alligator char and was aged in Frankfort and Bardstown, KY, will have its own unique personality based on where it was in the rickhouse and how the whiskey reacted to the wood. They range from 115-117 proof and the color of the butterflies vary based upon the distinct flavor profile.



Blue Run Kentucky Holiday Rye Cask Strength

Blue Run Holiday Rye Cask Strength features product from the same family of barrels as the Golden Rye Whiskey, which won a Gold Medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, but at Cask Strength, coming in at 106 proof. Each bottle features a “Pollock” treatment on the brand’s signature butterfly, making it easily identifiable on any back bar.



Kentucky Straight High Rye Bourbon Whiskey

Blue Run Kentucky Straight High Rye Bourbon is a small-batch whiskey and is the first Blue Run product with Bourbon Hall of Famer Jim Rutledge serving as the contracted Master Distiller (on all previous Blue Run products, except Golden Rye, Jim served as the Liquid Advisor).


Aged 13 Years

Blue Run Kentucky Straight

The inaugural Blue Run Bourbon is an instant classic. This 113-proof small batch temptation doesn’t need gimmicks or special finishes. It’s been aged directly into its sweet spot, delivering a mature, complex whiskey that offers an endlessly layered taste.


Aged 13.5 Years

Blue Run Single Barrel

Bottled at cask strength to accentuate their rare traits, these 10 single barrel selections will tantalize your palate and deliver an elevated experience worth savoring.


Aged 14 Years

Blue Run Kentucky Straight

This small batch bourbon won Best in Class and double gold at the 2021 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.



Blue Run Golden Rye Whiskey

Blue Run small batch Golden Rye Whiskey is Blue Run’s inaugural Rye expression. Named for both the distinct color of the choice grains that were used in the creation process and the resulting product, Golden Rye was awarded a Gold medal in 2021 by the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.



Jim Rutledge, liquid advisor

The iconic Jim Rutledge expertly approves Blue Run’s Bourbon selections and distills our new make Bourbon.

Rutledge, a 50-year veteran of the industry, is the former Master Distiller of Four Roses Bourbon. Enshrined in the inaugural class of the Kentucky Bourbon Hall of Fame in 2001, he received a Lifetime Achievement Award in 2007 from Malt Advocate, and was named Ambassador of the Year by Whisky Magazine in 2008. Rutledge was also the 13th inductee (and only the 2nd American) into Whisky Magazine’s global hall of fame in 2013.


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“The best package in bourbon.”

—ryan cecil
bourbon pursuit

“Blue Run is what I look for in a bourbon: complex flavor with a smooth finish. This is my new go-to celebratory whiskey!”

— Ty Votaw
EVP, International

“This [High Rye Bourbon] is legit the best four-year whiskey I've ever had.”

— Dan Shook
Bourbon junkies

“Blue Run takes bourbon to a new level. I loved it from the first sip. I knew with a glass of this I could sit back and relax and just enjoy the taste.”

— Rabbi Joel Simonds