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12 Days of Bourbon

The Final Whiskey Release of the Year. The Third Annual - 12 Days of Bourbon

Starting Friday, Dec. 1 at 3:00PM EST

Everyday at 3:00pm EST, we will release one of a dozen single barrel, barrel proof bourbons from acclaimed distiller, Jim Rutledge.  Each bottle bringing it's own unique reason for the season. Cheers!


All the toys
Complete Set

You've been good this year. Go on and treat yourself with some seasonal cheers!

Proof: 118.8
Spiced & Spiked

Bright green apples, cranberry and citrus-forward wine enliven the nose as the green apple transitions to the palate and is joined by a double dash of creamy vanilla. The finish delivers warm cinnamon rolls and extra holiday cheer through the emergence of baking spices.

Proof: 117
All the Gold Rings

You’re going to want to put a ring on this one ... frosted cinnamon cereal drizzled with brown butter and salted caramel on the nose coalesce with a union of charred citrus and sweet pipe tobacco on the palate. The finish is magnificent, building toward a crescendo of warm toasted oak and worn leather.

Proof: 117.6
Mistletoe Miracles

Granny Smith apples and honey ooze from a graham cracker crust, raising your hopes for a miraculous outcome. Next, toasted almonds and cocoa beans drive a flavor-forward palate. At long last, the finish sweetly kisses the lips with vanilla and uncharred oak meshing with hints of green tea.

Proof: 120.4
Fully Lit

A double pump vanilla latte and bowl of ripe black cherries on the nose. Then greeted by flavors that remind you of caramel corn, dark chocolate, and thick, creamy espresso. Honey-drizzled shishito peppers remind you of the joy of exploration before you’re gently lulled to sleep by a fresh-baked toasted almond croissant dusted with powdered sugar.

Proof: 118.4
Rockin Around

Rockin' Around is a fruity flavor bomb! Sweet limeade and orange juice surprise on the front end of the nose, followed quickly by orange spice and honey. Right before the aroma overwhelms your olfactory system, you’ll notice a dreamy waft of burnt sugar and caramel. Manuka honey and lemon rind peak early on the front of the palate, then slowly dissipate into freshly baked sourdough bread and charred wood. The medium length finish is approachable and warming.

Proof: 117
Karamu’s Feast

Congregate and commune with the scents, flavors and finishes that remind you of the best of the holidays...blood orange, green apple and honey are too tempting to ignore and it seems like it just can’t get any better...but it can. And does! Orange oil, ground cinnamon and warming wood spice threaten to stay the night before giving way to bitter orange and a spicy goodbye!

Proof: 116.8
Punch Bowl

This barrel combines the joy of the unknown that is the holiday punch bowl replete with an aroma of blackberry jam, root beer and gooey caramel. The palate is the opposite of sneaky as it punches you directly between the eyes with honey and cloves followed by hints of tobacco and spice heat. Gather around the punch bowl to enjoy the delights of the season.

Proof: 118.6
Eighth Night

Spiced rum cake and dried fruits on the nose dissipate into candied orange peel and baking spices that linger for what feels like a full eight evenings, as each night delivers new gifts. It comes to an end with a river of caramel and a slight pop of ginger.

Proof: 119.8
Grandma’s House

Allow yourself to reminisce through memories of the scent of sugar cookies baking in the oven. Next, you’re hit with a distinct pop of red cherry leading to clove-heavy baking spices. Prepare to be surprised by the unexpected rush of sweetness delivered by a dash of maraschino cherry syrup and a hint of orange rind. Welcome to Grandma’s House, where this single barrel transforms itself into a high-proof Old Fashioned.

Proof: 117.8
Midnight Massive

Gather round for this big pour. Christmas tree pine and eggnog surprise on the nose followed by a faint hint of almond paste, wrapping up with a new blast of holiday-spiced eggnog and chocolate chip cookies.

Proof: 119.6
Blue X-Mas

Blue X-Mas makes you forget all about the holiday doldrums, enveloping you in the aroma of sweet fruitcake, delightful toffee and apple cider. Experience a palate filled with maraschino cherries, cloves, golden raisins and toasted oak. The finish is akin to draping yourself with a warm, comforting cashmere blanket.

Proof: 119.2
Sleighing It

This one moves FAST with a multitude of flavors cascading their way through the end. The crisp scent of a cedar lined sauna mingle with cinnamon and sugar plum fairies-laced green apple slices and a waft of brown butter. As the nose fades, the taste blossoms with memories of decadent state fair funnel cake and black peppercorns. The finish bombards you with an uncommon trio of rose petals, saddlebag leather and cayenne pepper, begging to never be forgotten.


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